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Benhaven Residence provides comfortable, personalized home living in DDS Licensed group homes, called CLA’s (Community Living Arrangements). Each home is as unique as our residents. Our exceptional staff offer support to each resident to be as independent as possible and be active members of their community.

Benhaven Residence has 9 total CLAs -  two homes for students, and seven homes for adults. Adult homes do not routinely have vacancies. Student homes regularly have vacancies as students graduate at age 22 and move onto other programs.

Benhaven students attend Benhaven School, and teams work together to provide consistent behavioral programming for each individual.

Each Benhaven CLA is staffed by one House Manager who oversees all aspects of the home; an Assistant Manager, who oversees day to day activities, and a cadre of direct support professionals who provide supervision and support for 24 hours.  Our CLA’s have a high staff ratio, typically 1 staff to every 2 residents, with additional staffing as needed. Each home has one person asleep overnight, unless a resident requires someone to be awake at any time.

The CLA program consists of skill building activities around hygiene, household skills, meal preparation, community activity, and behavioral support. There are both structured recreation (hikes, parks, concerts, shopping, etc.), and less structured recreational time featuring whatever things the resident likes to do.

Many adults living at Benhaven Residence participate in a 24-hour wrap-around program, where the home provides the day program. We believe this approach allows each person an experience best suited to his or her interests and support needs. Most of our adult residents hold regular paying and/or volunteer jobs on a daily basis.

Helping residents maintain positive family relationships is a core value of Benhaven Residence. Families are encouraged and supported to establish regular home or community visit schedules with their family member.

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