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Can my loved one spend overnights at home once they move into the group home?

Yes, this will be accommodated. Most residents have a plan in place to ensure transportation, medications and other specifics are met.

Do I need to pay my loved one’s rent when they move into the group home?

No, you do not. There are a lot of financial factors depending on the home they live in, but parents or guardians are not responsible to pay for the room & board.

Will I need to take my loved one to their medical appointments?

You can continue to do this, but you are not expected to do so. Once your loved one lives in a Benhaven group home we resume responsibility to schedule and take the resident to all medical appointments.

Will my loved one have spending money?

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and Department of Social Services (DSS) allow residents a Personal Allowance monthly in adult group homes. Children homes vary in how they receive their monthly spending allowance. This would be explained upon admission.

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