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Our commitment to a supportive work environment has resulted in a low turnover rate. This has allowed employees opportunities for advancement and promotion. Residential employees receive on-going, quality training which is utilized on a daily basis. The residents of Benhaven benefit from the consistency of the employees.

Sam Picard, Residential Director

Sam Picard is responsible for Residential Services, both for the residents and employees. She is responsible to build the leadership capabilities of her management team, and to ensure that the mission and philosophy of Benhaven is realized in each of our home settings fostering independence, dignity and community inclusion for each resident. She is responsible for creating and overseeing the budget for residential services and for all program development.

Cynthia Beesley, MS, Clinical Director

Cynthia Beesley is responsible for the creation and oversight of behavioral and clinical programming for each resident of Benhaven, while incorporating best practices in the field of supporting people with autism and developmental disabilities. She is responsible for creating and upholding behavior and clinical policies that are aligned with DDS licensing regulations.


Lynn Bellucci is the Administrative Residential Director for the Residential Division. She has been with Benhaven since 2019, starting off as the Administrative Assistant for the Residential and Children's Behavioral Services divisions. Lynn went on to become an assistant manager and then a manager in the residential division.  In her current role as the Administrative Residential Director, her responsibilities include recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, personnel management, training maintenance, and licensing oversight. She also serves as the department's Medication Administration Certification Coordinator. 


Jennifer Bodyk is the Residential Manager at Marlen. Jennifer received a BA in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and has over 30 years of experience in the Human Service field. Since arriving at Benhaven as the Residential Manager of Marlen in August of 2004, Jennifer has led the overall management of the home, staff training, development of day and residential supports, and community experiences.  Jennifer is passionate about ensuring the gentlemen at Marlin are offered opportunities to enhance their lives, and fostering maximum skill development.  Jennifer values the opportunity to have built a strong team to provide quality support, compassion, and enrichment for the gentleman living at Marlen.


Pete Golanski is the Residential Manager of Rosenberg. Pete started his career at Benhaven in 1995.  He initially was hired as a job coach in the employment program. Throughout his years at Benhaven, Pete held several direct care roles, including a residential advocate for a gentleman, as well as master teaching assistant. Continuing his pursuits, Pete worked primarily at Rosenberg, becoming an assistant manager and eventually in 2022, the Residential Manager of Rosenberg. Pete is an avid science fiction reader and lover of Philosophy. 


Michael Martin is the Residential Manager at Oliver and a certified PMT instructor. He began his career at Benhaven in 2012. Michael has played a part in providing rich and diverse supports for the gentlemen who call Oliver home and is a strong advocate for the men.  Michael was promoted to Residential Manager in 2020. He has enjoyed leading the team in a positive direction and supporting the amazing staff who work at Oliver.  


Adrianne Mahoney is the Residential Manager at Totoket. She began her career supporting individuals with autism/IDD in 2001. In 2015 she joined the Benhaven residential department, servicing adolescents in our student home as Direct Support Provider (DSP). Later becoming a residential manager in 2018 for the student homes and adult home.  Her mission is to support people to lead happy & healthy lives. 


Michael Priore is the Residential Manager at Blue Trail. He began his career at Benhaven in 2007 and has over 20 years of experience in the field. He initially began supporting the residents at Nakash, moving on to Oliver and eventually became the Residential Manager at Blue Trail. Outside of Benhaven, he has been a life-long musician, playing various instruments including guitar, bass, and piano and enjoys writing music.


Katoya Purvis is the Residential Manager at Old Coach. She has over 12 years’ experience supporting people in their residence to be independent. Katoya started out as a direct support professional, eventually becoming an Assistant Manager, until she stepped into the role of Residential Manager at Benhaven. Katoya has compassion for the individuals she supports and is grateful to the dedicated staff and administration. Through her work, she emphasizes a high quality of living, building lifelong relationships and rewarding experiences between the residents and staff.


Nyasha Rivera-Diaz is the Residential Manager at Johnson. Nyasha began her career at Benhaven in 2017, and became the Residential Manager in 2023.  Nyasha is passionate about working at Benhaven because she enjoys supporting our residents to be on a path to a meaningful and productive life.  In her spare time, she enjoys being a parent to two boys (a year and a half and four months old), in addition to traveling.


Brian Williams is the Residential Manager at Nakash and is a certified a PMT instructor. Brian started his Benhaven career at Benhaven as a Director Support Professional in 2008. In 2013, Brian moved to Nakash taking on an Assistant Manager position before becoming the Residential Manager in 2019. Brian enjoys working in the student home and teaching the residents living skills, while providing structure to their lives which in turn, helps them move on to their adult homes to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

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