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Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Benhaven’s mission is to enable people with autism and pervasive developmental disabilities to participate in community life, exercise productive control over their own lives, have meaningful relationships and associations, be gainfully employed, and experience happiness and personal satisfaction.

Goals and Values That Guide Our Work

  • Benhaven provides positive behavioral support. Benhaven focuses on interpreting the functions of problem behaviors by teaching safe, community-acceptable skills that serve the same functions.

  • Benhaven provides an understanding of effective environments. Rather than focusing on changing the person, we strive to change the features of home, school and
    community settings to define changes in the behavior of family members, teachers and supporters.

  • Benhaven provides an insight into successful behavioral support plans. By incorporating preferences and opportunities, rewarding positive behavior, monitoring improvement, and fine-tuning along the way, plans remain relevant and effective.

  • Benhaven is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with autism. Benhaven's experience confirms that this is one of the most powerful methods of "intervention" available.