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Individuals must be enrolled in the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Comprehensive Waiver Program to receive residential services in our adult group homes.

  • Referrals for placement at Benhaven may only be accepted from a Connecticut based funding agency, such as DDS, DCF or local school district. Referrals for placement at Benhaven may not be made by private individuals. Referrals are accepted only for individual residing in Connecticut. Out of state residents may not be considered.
  • Benhaven has two homes for students under age 22. Referrals for student homes are accepted from DDS, Department of Children and Families (DCF) and School Districts seeking to refer adolescents who require specialized services.
  • Student referrals to Benhaven Residence are typically between the ages of 12-22, and must plan to move to an adult setting upon completion of special education. 
  • With rare exceptions, most students who live in a Benhaven group home attend Benhaven School. This allows for coordinated support and services to each student living in our setting.
Send referral packets to:  Cindy Beesley, Clinical Director

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