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What population does Benhaven Residence Serve?  Benhaven Residence serves individuals with autism and developmental disabilities, combined with cognitive disability.

What age group may be referred to Benhaven Residence? While Benhaven has some group homes for adults, only the two student homes have regular vacancies. Vacancies occur when a graduating student moves on. Referrals are routinely accepted for students aged 12-21.

Are referrals made to Benhaven Residence only, or to both Benhaven School and Residence? All student referrals to Benhaven are for both School and Residence.

Can students opt to continue to attend their current school or go to another school? No. Students between the ages of 12-22 who are accepted into Benhaven’s Residential Program must also attend Benhaven School.

How do I apply to have my student attend Benhaven?  Only DCF, DDS and school districts may submit referrals to Benhaven. Referrals must come from the entity who will fund the placement.

Are students from out of state invited to make referrals? No, only Connecticut referrals are accepted.

What happens after graduation?  Students graduate from Benhaven School and Residence on the day before their 22nd birthday. Benhaven works together with families and DDS to plan for adult placement outside of Benhaven School and Residence following graduation.

What is the vaccination requirement at Benhaven?  All residents entering the program who are over age 12 must be vaccinated against Covid. All staff are required to wear masks when working in the home regardless of vaccination status.

More Information:  Please see the summary of services on the Residential Services menu for more information.

Funding Agencies: Submit referral packets to Cindy Beesley:

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