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  • “I think the best thing about working in the residential program at Benhaven is that the residents truly come first. It is imperative to all of us that they live safe, happy and fulfilling lives. We strive to create new experiences that enhance their lives and provide new and exciting opportunities. This year one of our new residents joined his housemate on his annual trip to Florida. Accompanying them was one the highlights of my 12 years here.” ~ SR, Residential Manager

  • “I like living at Northside because it's a nice place and the staff are patient with my funny business.” ~ BG, Northside CLA Group Home resident

  • “It is not an easy task to choose a residential placement for your child. I was impressed with the level of rigorous training, compassion and the character of the staff at Benhaven. Rest assured the staff does their best to understand your child's specific needs in a safe and supportive environment.” ~ KG

  • “I’ve worked at Benhaven for 25 years and over the course of that time it has become as much a haven for me as it is for the folks we serve. Benhaven is great at helping people thrive in what can at times be a challenging job. The benefits (both healthcare and PTO) are generous and excellent. Our leadership is inspiring and advocates strongly for its staff. I’m looking forward to working here for years to come.” ~ PG

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