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Founded in 1967 by Amy Lettick as a school for children with autism, Benhaven has grown into a multi-faceted agency serving people of all ages and with diverse needs.

A private, not-for-profit agency located in south central Connecticut, Benhaven currently has eight main program areas:  Benhaven Academy, Benhaven Learning Network, Benhaven Career & Transition Services, Benhaven Residential Services, Benhaven Children's Behavioral Services, Benhaven School, Benhaven Individual & Family Support and Benhaven Shared Living Community Companion Home.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Our Mission
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Benhaven's mission is to enable people with autism and pervasive developmental disorders to participate in community life, exercise productive control over their own lives, have meaningful relationships and associations, be gainfully employed and experience happiness and personal satisfaction.

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Our History

Since 1967, Benhaven has thrived by responding to emerging community needs and opportunities.  Our vision for Benhaven's continued success is grounded in our commitment to the current and emerging best practices in the field of autism.

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Board of Directors

Benhaven is fortunate to have strong leadership from its Board of Directors. Board members have diverse backgrounds, relevant experience, a collaborative approach to guiding the agency in policy and financial matters, and a passion for ensuring quality and responsiveness to our program participants, students, residents and their families.

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