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Relationship Development Intervention

Relationship Development Intervention (RDITM) is a developmental and cognitive based family focused intervention dedicated to treating the core deficits of autism spectrum disorders.

The RDITM curriculum and protocol are based on current research in the fields of autism, human development and the brain. It is parent based, consultative Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) treatment model designed to systematically remediate the neurologically based deficits associated with autism.

RDITM Process

RDITM is a significant departure from traditional autism interventions and does not simply seek to teach skills such as scripted conversations or rehearsed behaviors, but actually makes neuro-cognitive changes over time that provide the child with the vital abilities needed to navigate the ever-changing situations and interactions that each of us encounter on a daily basis.

RDITM Outcomes

  • Improved quality of life
  • Reciprocal communication
  • Genuine friendships
  • Confident, independent living
  • Prolonged relationships
  • Meaningful employment

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For more information please contact:
LISA SKELLY, RDI Certified Consultant |203.774.0008 |

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