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Distance Learning Consultation

We, at the Benhaven Learning Network, realize the many difficulties and challenges Distance Learning presents to both educators and families. Teachers struggle to implement effective teaching strategies, while also trying to discover new ways to motivate and assess their students.

Parents find themselves in a completely different role; not only must they teach their children but they may be experiencing more maladaptive behaviors surrounding instruction, due to their child’s lagging skills in both academics, technology and internal motivation.

Children now not only need to learn their academics, they need to learn in an environment completely unfamiliar and navigate learning modalities such as computers, virtual lessons, face to face virtual instruction and educational websites they may have limited experience and exposure to.

Children are expected to do all of this without the social benefit of their peers, group physical activities such as sports and recess and preferred leisure activities that so often motivated learners to find joy in school.

Benhaven Educational Consultants can offer a wide variety of consult to Distance Learning Programming, beyond effective Applied Behavior Analytic strategies, but also curricular support, social emotional training, behavior consultation to parents and Teams and beneficial resources to support and build capacities within school districts.

Services Provided

  • Consultation to administrations, teachers, and direct care staff regarding effective strategies to successfully implement Distance Learning across environments.
  • Support to teachers and families on how to implement Applied Behavior Analysis in virtual sessions, such as Direct Instruction strategies (Discrete Trial Teaching), visual supports, prompting hierarchies, data collection methods, token economies, the Premack Principle, etc.
  • Academic support and IEP implantation to teachers and direct care staff.
  • Behavioral programming and consultation to parents and staff.
  • Data collection training and collection methods as well as data analysis.
  • Social skills training, daily living skill training and social emotional support strategies to teachers and students.
  • Transitional planning for retuning to in-person school and support to Teams during school refusal scenarios.
  • Provide modifications to current Behavior Intervention Plans that serve the current learning environment.
  • Opportunities for additional resources, assessment styles and curriculum planning both through the Benhaven Learning Network and Benhaven Academy.

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