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Individual & Family Support

A President's Day Bowling Social was held on February 17, 2020! Individuals were able to go bowling with their peers and enjoyed food and socializing!

IFS's Second dance occurred on October 23, 2019. This time with a fall theme! The evening was a huge success! All areas of Benhaven were invited for dancing and pizza and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves for the social, fun event!

Oh What a Night!

On March 22, 2019, the Benhaven (IFS) Individual and Family Support Program used a portion of its fund raising money from the first Annual Benhaven Walk to hold a dance. The Benhaven School was kind enough to lend us their gym. We invited the Benhaven Academy students and staff to join in the fun.

The Academy provided the music. A DJ played some song requests of the students and individuals in our program. We also had the Lyman Hall Dance Team, who did a routine and had the participants learn it. Fun was had by all. There was dancing and pizza and many new introductions. Our individuals are looking forward to our next event.

The Individual and Family Support team decided that there was a need that often was difficult to fill for those we serve and their staff. Many folks receiving services through our program, often faced fitness, financial and friendship difficulties.

We decided a good use of the fundraising revenue would be two pronged.

First, we would assist individuals to secure gym memberships if they could not otherwise afford them. This would benefit the health of the individuals, provide another environment to work on social skills and be an option of where to go on those inclement weather days. This has begun to rave reviews!

The second initiative is to offer monthly social outings open to all are participants. We are starting with a bowling event in April and will be holding an interactive presentation at Hammonnasset Nature Center in June! We anticipate this will be a great opportunity for people to meet and socialize with other participants, staff and family. We’ll be back with more photos then!