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Children's Behavioral Services

Benhaven’s Children’s Behavioral Services provide home-based Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) Services for school aged children with Autism.

Among our goals, is to build family capacity, an understanding of ABA, and to improve quality of life for the child and others they live with. All too often, games, toys and other materials are absent due to challenges of financial strain or other barriers.

The donation monies provided by the Benhaven Walk have, and will continue to allow us to provide therapeutic materials and toys which are desperately needed in many of our homes. As skills and abilities increase, we are often able to rotate materials, thereby increasing the number of children and families who benefit from these purchases.

The items below are a sampling of some of the wonderful purchases we’ve been able to make for families due to your generosity. Thank you to everyone who participated during the walk and/or who donated. The over 50 families served by Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services, as well as the dedicated staff, appreciate you!