The Consultative Group is comprised of educational and behavioral professionals who provide expertise statewide to local school systems to improve their capabilities for educating students with autism. A significant number of students identified with autism spectrum disorder have the potential to be well-served, educationally and socially, in their local school systems, given some degree of specialized assistance.

Our team of consultants includes professionals with expertise and credentials in the following areas:

  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Speech & Language Pathology

We offer professionals who can provide consultation services and staff training to special educators, general education teachers, paraprofessionals, related instructional staff and families in the following areas:

  • ABA program development and implementation
  • Instructional methodology
  • Learning strategies and structuring of learning environments
  • Data management
  • Verbal behavior
  • Student assessment, including specialty speech and language assessments
  • Functional behavior assessments
  • Positive behavior support plans
  • Curricular modifications
  • Direct instruction
  • Discrete trial instruction
  • Person-centered futures planning
  • Ecological assessments
  • Social cognition and social skills
  • Transition planning
  • Assessment and development of strategies to address executive functioning style

School districts may have staff learning needs that can only be met through workshops and group instruction. Our consultants offer training specifically designed to meet individual circumstances.

Some workshop topics include:

  • Overview of Autism
  • Development of Effective Behavioral Support Plans
  • Social Cognition and Social Skills
  • Understanding Executive Function Skills
  • Putting Vision into Practice
  • Teaching Approaches
  • Task Analysis
  • Discrete Trial Format
  • Prompt/Prompt Fading
  • Shaping
  • Chaining
  • Incidental Learning
  • Developing Effective Learning Environments
  • Writing Measurable Goals and Objectives
  • Augmentative Communication Systems
  • Group Facilitation
  • Supervising Paraprofessional Staff
  • Collaborative Environments (Communication Skills within Teams)

Our team of consultants is comprised of:

  • Chris Abildgaard
  • Sheila Flanagan
  • Linda Grimm
  • Christa Jachym
  • Kathy Perkins
  • Kathryn Reddington
  • Lisa Skelly
  • Lisa Jones

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Administrative Offices

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