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  • “Benhaven has been providing services to my children for 15 years.  To say that the services provided by Benhaven have been wonderful is an understatement.  My children have learned and maintained skills at home and in the community that I never imagined they would be able to.  Not only have the professionals from Benhaven been an asset to my children, but to our family as a whole. Benhaven has been a consistent, positive part of our lives every day of all 15 years in some capacity.” ~PL

  • “Benhaven has given my child an avenue to build life long relationships with peers. Benhaven has also taught my son living schools beyond what I ever could have imagined. I honestly dont know where we would be without the staff and peers that we have met along the way.”  ~ KB 

  • “The staff help get me out of the house. They are like family, like even though you get “upset” (not his exact term!) with them sometimes you still want to hang around with them because they are helping even if you have an argument.” ~ KB

  • “They help me lose a lot of weight.  You guys don’t stop helping me. You guys believe in me. So ... you guys believe that I can do things I don’t believe in. You don’t stop believing. If I stop believing I can do this ... you always believe in me, you ALWAYS do. They help me get through a parking lot without getting hit by a car. I can go off on my own and you can still see me. I used to not go to the bathroom on my own and now I can. You guys help me be safe.” ~ DG

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