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Program Director

Tacie Lowe:  The Director of IFS program handles initial intake for services with families and case managers. Working closely with her team and the family, seeks out a good match of staff for the individual. The Director monitors services, communicates with individuals, their families and state workers as needed.

Office Manager

Kristen Aniolowski:  The office manager provides support to the Director and the Family Support Specialists (FSS) in managing the administrative aspects of services. This includes: budgeting, billing, payroll, training/processing new employees, intaking new individuals into the program, and tracking proper documentation.

Family Support Specialists

A Family Support Specialist (FSS) more commonly referred to as a behaviorist, will do an initial functional assessment and develop a positive Behavioral Support Plan (BSP). Ongoing support from the FSS is common with as little as one hour a month and up to more than two hours a week depending on the individuals level of need.

Individual Support Providers

Individual Support Providers are carefully chosen to provide one to one support to the individual. They are trained on the needs of the individual by the FFS and instructed to follow the positive BSP that was established in order to increase socially appropriate behaviors, provide social opportunities, and promote independence.

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