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  • “Benhaven is a place where real change happens, a place where students can feel safe, a place where parents can rest assured that their son or daughter is being educated with the highest level of individualized care. As an employee, I would not hesitate to send my own son or daughter to Benhaven School.”
  • “Benhaven offers a uniquely nurturing and creative environment for both staff and students. I am forever thankful that I was offered the position of a classroom paraprofessional 11 years ago and was given multiple opportunities to grow professionally within the school. I am now in my 8th year as a certified special education teacher and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”


  • “We have the privilege of having our son attend the school and have found the programming and staff to be exceptional. They developed a comprehensive plan to work with him and understand his needs and abilities. The support has been outstanding, and the school is committed to improving his daily learning and quality of life.”
  • “The staff is not only experienced and knowledgeable but extremely compassionate and friendly. Obvious attention has been given to each student as an individual, including but not limited to accommodations for safety, well-structured days, social inclusiveness and continual positive reinforcements…As a parent and advocate, I have also felt continually supported and included in my son’s educational and behavioral plans. The transition plans post-21 into an adult program have been considerably less intimidating knowing I have the support of Benhaven and its staff.”
  • “Benhaven is an excellent school. From a teaching perspective, they have every area of development covered…Benhaven teaches lessons to last a lifetime…Benhaven not only cares for the student but the family as well. They always made time for me and my child and their passion about what they do is reflected throughout the school. When deciding on a school, one thing that impressed me so much was every member of the staff seems happy at what they do, highly committed… It’s a remarkable group of dedicated educators, yet they still ask from time to time what they could do to improve. It is difficult to imagine a more effective and caring educational team than Benhaven’s.”

School Districts

  • “…Benhaven staff have been collaborative, organized and flexible. The families of the students who have attended Benhaven have expressed feeling welcome, understood and supported. Most importantly for both families and the district, Benhaven provides timely communication and response to all matters.”
  • “[We have] several students placed at Benhaven School and they have been very successful there. Their expertise in the field of autism is counted on by the district to support students that have not met with success in district schools…I attend PPT meetings…and have found the staff to be professional, prepared and welcoming to the parents and me…Benhaven School is one of the places that I trust to support our students…staff conduct a legal PPT meeting, complete paperwork in a compliant and timely manner and maintain communication with all necessary parties. Most importantly, they successfully work with a challenging student population in a professional, empathetic, personalized manner.”

Commendations from CT State Department of Education:

  • “The program focuses on teaching and serving the needs of students who have previously not met with school success. Student programs are highly individualized, designed to allow students to meet with success and provided year round. Futures Planning is initiated with all students and focuses on positive/possible goals that encourage students, staff and families to ‘reach for the stars with feet on the ground.’”
  • “The program focuses on providing experiences within the community for all students and demonstrates a strong commitment to giving back to the community through a variety of activities.”
  • “Vocational experiences and instruction are highly individualized and carefully developed based on student strengths and areas of interest.”
  • “The program has a unique and effective approach to supporting student behavior through individualized behavioral support plans.”
  • “The program supports a true team approach that includes parents’ input and unique goals for their child which are born from individual family values. Related service personnel are an integral part of the team and work with teachers and paraprofessionals within one-to-one settings, as well as within the community. Staff value the collaborative climate across all aspects of the school.”
  • “Professional development activities are relevant and targeted to support staff in addressing the needs of the students served. Staff is able to easily access resources.”

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