Speech & Language Services at Benhaven School

The goal of the Speech and Language Department is to help students develop functional communication skills that allow meaningful and positive interactions with others and provide alternative replacement skills for problem behaviors.

At Benhaven School, all communication goals are person-centered and strive to both enhance strengths and address areas of need. At all times, efforts are on the Benhaven student becoming more independent in school, at home and in the community. Speech-language services at Benhaven School are implemented by certified Speech-Language Pathologists through individual, small group and consultative services to address educational needs and promote communication skill growth.

Speech and language interventions target a variety of skills including:

  • Speech production and speech intelligibility
  • Use of picture exchange
  • Use of assistive technology including low-tech and high-tech augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) systems 
  • Sign language and functional gesture use
  • Appropriate social behavior and pragmatic language skills
  • Visual supports for improved comprehension of directions and educational instruction
  • Communicating personal information and safety/health information
  • Engaging and learning through play-based activities
  • Self-advocacy and increased independence
  • Comprehending different question formats for improved ability to report events that occurred and express knowledge                                                          

Staff training is emphasized to ensure that appropriate communication strategies are used across the school day and in a variety of environments. Collaboration with students’ families and group home staff is available through the team meeting process so that specific communication strategies have optimal generalization to the home and community settingsl.


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