Occupational Therapy (OT)

In a school setting, occupational therapy is a related service which helps the student access and benefit from the educational program.

Benhaven School has both an occupational therapist (OTR) and a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA). The OTR and COTA work with students whose occupations range from play to activities of daily living such as
self-care, mealtime and classroom chores, use of computers and/or assistive technology to community-based participation such as shopping and/or working. OT strives to provide services in an integrated service delivery model, which is intended to have the services be meaningful and functional for the student. This service delivery model has direct and indirect (i.e., consultation, program monitoring, team meetings) components.

The Benhaven School team believes that having occupational therapy as part of the “big picture” yields successful results in conjunction with Benhaven’s mission – allowing our students to experience happiness, attain personal satisfaction and exercise productive control over their lives. We all work together as a team to ensure the best programs are implemented so that our students may grow to their fullest potential.

About Occupational Therapy

OT uses a knowledge base of neurology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, child development, psychology, psychosocial development, activity task analysis and therapeutic techniques. We are trained to provide intervention to the students holistically, addressing their cognitive, emotional, sensory and physical needs through functional, activity-based treatments. At Benhaven School, activities and lessons are selected by the OT that have meaning for the students, yet also meet their learning goals. Benhaven staff are trained by OT to implement these activities and lessons within the specific environment, i.e., classroom, therapy room and community.



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