Benhaven School welcomes and provides tours for interested families; however, only the student’s sending school district can initiate the referral process.

Although the sequence can vary depending on the student, family and school district, all of the following must occur prior to an acceptance to Benhaven School:

  • Referral from school district is made via phone, email, mail or fax.
  • A designated person from Benhaven’s admission’s team has an initial conversation with the school district to determine if the student would meet Benhaven’s general criteria.
  • School district forwards the student’s file/records for further review.
  • The file/records are reviewed by the admissions team to ensure the IEP can be fully implemented by Benhaven. Questions or concerns may be identified and addressed with the school district and/or the family/guardian.
  • Parents/guardians are invited to visit Benhaven for an information session and tour. In general, it is best if the student does not attend this meeting since it can take 1 - 1.5 hours, and many students may have difficulty waiting.
  • A member of the admissions team observes the student in either his/her current educational placement and/or the student’s home. In addition to this observation, they generally seek an opportunity to speak with the student’s current teacher and/or family member.
  • A release for Benhaven’s Medical Director to review medical information is signed by parent(s)/guardian.
  • Benhaven’s Medical Director speaks to the student’s current physician(s) and reviews the student’s health and medical records, including a current physical (within 2 years), updated immunization records, current doctor’s orders and any other pertinent medical information. This must be done prior to admission. This is to ensure there are no medical/health needs that Benhaven would be unable to meet. Per Benhaven’s Medical Director, no child will be admitted to Benhaven School if his/her immunizations are not current and maintained.
  • The family/guardian completes the admission packet, and it is reviewed by Benhaven.

Once Benhaven identifies itself as an appropriate placement:

  • Benhaven notifies the school district, and the student is formally accepted.
  • A placement PPT is scheduled.
  • A start date is determined.

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