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Where are services delivered?

Our main building is located at 60 Church Street, Wallingford, CT.  However, most activities will occur in community settings such as college campuses, employment sites and in the communities where individuals live.

What are the hours?

Our hours vary based upon the individual's services and activities. For example, if someone is required to work or attend a college class at night or on the weekend the hours would be adjusted to support the individual at the time the service is needed.

Who do we support?

Benhaven Career & Transition Services provides services for school age students 18+ who have completed their high school requirements and post-secondary students. Typically, individuals have social, emotional and learning challenges. Please see admissions criteria for further details.

Who funds programming?

Typically, students age 18+ are funded by their school district. Individuals 21 and up either receive state funding or self-pay.

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