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Individuals of all ages, whether attending school, working or retired, can live successfully in a Shared Living Home. The Benhaven Shared Living Team provides ongoing training and support, based on the needs and desires of the individual, to Shared Living Home providers. The goal of this ongoing support is to provide fulfilling and meaningful experiences to the individual living in a Benhaven Shared Living Home.

Individuals and families interested in becoming a Shared Living Home participate in an initial licensure process overseen by the DDS and facilitated by Benhaven staff. Requirements for initial licensure include, but are not limited to:

  • A home study, focusing on the potential Shared Living Home family members and the dynamics of the family
  • Reference letters
  • Criminal background checks
  • Initial training, including an overview of autism, abuse and neglect prevention and reporting, first aid and infection control, CPR, medical emergency procedures, dysphagia and positive behavioral supports;
  • A structural review of the physical home, focusing on safety requirements
  • A certificate of good health from a physician of the Shared Living Home provider

Once a license is generated from the DDS, the process of an individual and Shared Living Home family members getting to know each other commences. Visits overseen by the Benhaven Shared Living Program Coordinator are arranged to accommodate both the individual and Shared Living Home Provider. These visits continue until both the individual with intellectual disabilities and the Shared Living Home Provider decide they would like to live together.

Shared Living Home Providers receive:

  • Personalized, ongoing assistance and support by the Benhaven Shared Living team members to help with ongoing licensing and training requirements, medical oversight, behavioral consultation, technical assistance and clinical support
  • A monthly rent payment from the individual and in some cases a Cost of Care rate as determined by DDS. DDS provides a Difficulty of Care payment to the Shared Living Provider based on the level of support required by the individual living in the Shared Living Home
  • Additional funding may be available in accordance with the needs of the individual

Monitoring by the Benhaven Shared Living coordinator will occur at least monthly  and when needed, to ensure the continued success of both the individual with intellectual disabilities and the Shared Living Home provider and family. Annually, the Shared Living Home provider will experience the annual license renewal process, with assistance from the Benhaven Shared Living coordinator.  Visits to the Shared Living Home are typically scheduled in advance. In addition to the Shared Living coordinator, at times the Shared Living nurse may schedule a visit with the individual at the home.

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