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Benhaven Academy accepts students who have been referred by school districts.  We are happy to speak to parents about the program and learn about their child prior to a formal referral.

The admission process typically begins with an inquiry from school districts or parents. A formal referral from the district with submission of school records and the referral form to the Student Service Facilitator is recommended to begin the process. The district and parents are required to fill out an application, which will be reviewed with all records to determine if the program is appropriate for the student.

Parents, students and districts are invited to interview with the director and tour the Academy to observe the school program. If both parties choose to continue, the next step is the intake process. The student attends the school for approximately one week to see if it is an appropriate fit. Upon completion of the student’s visit, administrative and teaching staff meet to determine if the program can be an appropriate placement for the student. Enrollment date is based upon availability of an opening in the program and the commitment of the student’s family and school district.

The Referral Process Steps:

  • The district or parent contacts Benhaven Academy regarding a possible referral.
  • The district sends the completed Referral Form and the student’s records (as listed on the form).
  • A complete and thorough record review is conducted.
  • If the records indicate the student may be appropriate for the program, Benhaven contacts the parents to learn more about the student.
  • Whenever possible, an observation of the student in their current setting is made by Benhaven staff.
  • Visits are scheduled for district and parents to discuss a possible placement, meet staff and tour the building.  When appropriate, the student attends this tour.
  • The parents are sent the Admission Application.
  • Both family and district are notified of Benhaven Academy’s recommendation for next steps.
  • If the student is expected to be an appropriate match for Benhaven’s program, a weeklong intake screening is scheduled to be sure the placement is appropriate. Parents and the district are informed that and intake is not a guarantee of placement and that we will communicate in writing once we have information to share.
  • Benhaven staff meet and share feedback after the screening to determine appropriateness.
  • If the student is determined not to be an appropriate match, the reasons are shared with both district and parents in writing.
  • If the decision is to place the student at Benhaven Academy, a placement PPT is scheduled.

Please contact Benhaven Academy if you have any questions about our referral or intake procedure:

Melissa Soybel
Student Services Facilitator
(203) 774-0008 x336

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