Larry Wood Scholarship Award

The Award

In honor of his many years of invaluable service and dedication, Benhaven has created The Larry Wood Scholarship Award, a retirement gift and scholarship fund in honor of Larry Wood. The annual award will afford the opportunity for one Benhaven employee to attend a national conference on Autism.  Expenses for travel, hotel, conference fees and a per diem for food will be covered. The scholarship will recognize exceptional job performance, commitment to professional learning and growth, and appreciation for the receiving employee for their role in providing direct support to the individuals at Benhaven.


All full time staff, in good standing, who provide direct support services and have been employed by Benhaven for a minimum of one year are eligible to be nominated for the award.  Nominations are accepted from those we support, families, fellow staff, or supervisors who have first-hand knowledge of the nominee's performance.

The Larry Wood Scholarship Recipient for 2018

This year’s scholarship was awarded to Paul Sorota who is a direct support professional with the IFS team. He has worked with us for two years and is well respected by his supervisors, families and individuals he supports. He brings enthusiasm, patience and teaching skills to his work with adolescents and adults who live on their own or with their families. Paul joined the IFS team after being a special educational tutor in a public school and working with challenging adolescents in a residential treatment facility. He has his BA from Eastern Connecticut University.  In his application Paul expressed an interest in learning more about interventions to increase individuals’ community living skills and furthering their independence. He plans to attend the national autism or other related conference and will share his learning with his colleagues using our newsletter, You Tube and other social media platforms.

Jillian Bevis receives an honorary mention from us as well. She was nominated by the Academy and provides excellent educational support and instruction to her students. She demonstrates great enthusiasm for her work. We are extremely fortunate to have both of these outstanding employees among our staff.

 I ask you to join me in congratulating Paul for this accomplishment.

12th Annual Autism Conference
February 4-6, 2018
Hyatt Regency Miami, Florida

National Autism Conference

Conference Mission

The Autism conference provides comprehensive, evidence-based information to assist educators, other professionals, and families in developing effective educational programming for all students with autism spectrum disorders.


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