Typically, educational services for each student are provided from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, for a total of 180 school days per year.

Benhaven Academy is open twelve months per year in order to meet the needs of students who can benefit from an extended school year.

Inclement Weather Policy

Students should follow what is posted for "Benhaven academy" in the event of a weather issue.  All delays, cancellations and early dismissals will be announced on WFSB, FOX61 and posted on the website. 

We understand in some cases even though Benhaven Academy is open, a district may not transport if they are closed or delayed.  If Benhaven Academy is open and your child will not be in, please notify Melissa Soybel at 203.774.0008 ext. 336.

NOTE:  Some students come to Benhaven from some distance, and even if road conditions are deemed safe in the student’s home town, Wallingford may be experiencing very different weather. Please do not assume that if your local school district is in session that your child will be attending school at Benhaven – listen for closings on the local news stations.


Please be sure you are aware of potential closing situations, and arrange for appropriate care at home for the student if necessary.

It is the responsibility of the district and family members to access the information for BOTH their local district and Benhaven when a day is in question, and to monitor news stations for information regarding early closings throughout the day.

Please be sure you understand transportation arrangements with your district before inclement weather days, and inform the Benhaven teachers of the arrangements you have. Benhaven cannot make transportation arrangements for you.


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