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Who We Are

Benhaven Academy is a private education facility within the Benhaven Learning Network.

Benhaven Academy serves a variety of students with autism spectrum disorders, pervasive developmental disabilities and other related impairments. Benhaven Academy accepts K - 12 students who range from five to twenty-one years old.  Benhaven Academy provides educational services for additional educational activities based upon student needs and team collaboration.

The educational staff at Benhaven Academy consists of Connecticut-certified special education teachers as well as other related service professionals, including a school psychologist, speech and language pathologist and recreational therapist, all with strong backgrounds in supporting children with social and developmental disabilities.

Some staff members also hold additional educational certifications including BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), RDI (Relationship Development Intervention), Adaptive Technology, and intensive training in social cognition.

Our Approach

Programs for students are individually developed using a collaborative, person-centered approach to learning and enrichment.

The approach to education is continuous and encourages involvement of all members of the team including parents, general education teachers, administration, Benhaven Academy teachers and related service providers, and the student. Each program focuses on the development of deficit skill areas including social, communication, coping, and organizational skills. In addition, the staff at Benhaven Academy are dedicated to building self-esteem and confidence in each one of their students.

Benhaven Academy’s primary goal is to develop appropriate supports for students that will enable them to successfully transition back to their district's home school.

Typically, we find that it is not the individual’s cognitive ability or behavior that prevents success in public schools, but rather, a lack of necessary skills and tools that both students and educators can utilize to assist the child in challenges associated with the social and academic demands of public school. Therefore, Benhaven Academy carefully designs transitions back to public school that include continuous support for the child as well as the district in order to prepare both parties with knowledge and confidence.

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Linda Grimm, PhD
Educational Director
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Melissa Soybel
Student Services Facilitator
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