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Iceis Elliott, LMSW

Individual and Family Supports (IFS) Director

Iceis Elliott joined Benhaven in 2023 as the Individual and Family Services Director. She is a charismatic and dedicated licensed social worker with over 12 years of experience in the Human Service field. Iceis obtained her Master's degree in Social Work from Springfield College in 2018. She has honed her leadership skills and demonstrated the ability to drive positive change for individuals who face limited access to resources and support. She possesses a strong work ethic and a passion for working with individuals with autism, cognitive disabilities, and mental health conditions.


Throughout her career, she has taken on leadership roles where she has successfully led teams, provided valuable clinical consultations, and implemented strategies to improve workflows and enhance productivity. She is proud to have contributed to the well-being of those she serves by ensuring a person-centered approach that focuses on the unique needs of individuals and fosters resilience within their communities.


Her diverse background includes working in school-based, mental health, and community settings, which has given her a unique perspective on the importance of addressing the Mezzo and Macro levels within her profession.


Aligned with Benhaven's mission, which aims to enable people with autism and pervasive developmental disabilities to participate in community life, exercise productive control over their own lives, have meaningful relationships and associations, be gainfully employed, and experience happiness and personal satisfaction, her personal and professional values deeply resonate. She is committed to upholding these values and working diligently to ensure that the individuals she serves have every opportunity to lead fulfilling lives and thrive within their communities.

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