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Transitioning to Adulthood-Learn from a Panel of Experts and Parents
Transitioning to adulthood - webinar for parents and interested parties ages 14 to adulthood.
  • Chera Gerstein (Parent)
  • Kathy Marchionne-BRS
  • Laurie DiGalbo – consultant, prior BRS
  • Kassidy Brown, CEO, Lighthouse
  • Lois Rosenwald, Founder, ASRC
  • Is your child prepared now, or getting prepared?
  • Are they getting those real-life essential skills needed to reach their full potential?
  • Can they leave for college and take care of what’s needed?
  • Can they find a job and keep a job?
  • Can they shop and feed themselves?
  • Can they take care of their laundry?
  • Can they either drive themselves or use public transport to get to where they need to be?

    These are some of the areas that we need to prepare our children for, and are examples of the areas that we need to be focusing on.
Our panel of experts – parents and professionals – will be prepared to answer many of those questions!
October 15, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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