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Larry Wood Scholarship Award Recipient Announced

Dilpreet has been a member of the Benhaven Career & Transition Program for over three years. She is an exemplary employee. Dilpreet regularly arrives to work early in order to prepare for the day.  She is thorough, organized, collaborative and is comfortable reaching out to others for support or clarification when she needs it.  Dilpreet ensures the person-centered approach is evident for everyone she supports. She prides herself on getting to know the preferences of the people she is working with so that she can adjust lessons, community and other experiences based upon what she has learned about them.  Dilpreet has worked diligently with various participants within our program implementing learning and behavioral protocols, interest, career and vocational assessments, teaching small group social skills classes, providing on the job training and support in addition to special requests made of her.  Most recently, Dilpreet took on a special assignment, spent countless hours researching appropriate job sites and advertisements in various locations until she found a retail job opportunity for a young man in his hometown.  Dilpreet prepared the young man for the interview, accompanied him there and now supports him on the job site.  Although this task is not in her job description, per se, Dilpreet took it upon herself to meet the wants, needs and interests of the person she supports and did not quit. 

Dilpreet is a respected member of the Career & Transition Program.  She has developed and maintained a positive rapport with nearly every individual she has encountered.  She plays an active role in joining committees to plan or organize larger group outings as well consistently volunteer her time to accompany program participants who would like to attend events late in the evening or on weekends. Dilpreet is comfortable interacting with parents who reach out to her with specific questions, concerns or requests yet maintains a level of professionalism which is to be emulated. 

We congratulate Dilpreet and are pleased that she will select a national autism conference to attend and bring back what she has learned to benefit her colleagues and program participants.

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