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Ken Cabral, Executive Director Introduction

To:  All Employees
From:  Ken Cabral, Executive Director
Date:  3/13/2023
Re:  Introduction

I have been in my new role as Executive Director of Benhaven for a short time now, and the opportunities to meet staff and see excellence at work has significantly impressed me. One of the important lessons I have learned over my career is the importance of each of you. We have a mission, and it is clear to me that we all believe in it:

To enable people with autism and pervasive developmental disorders to participate in community life, exercise productive control over their own lives, have meaningful relationships and associations, be gainfully employed, and experience happiness and personal satisfaction.

You are the core of this mission. I believe we cannot support people to experience our mission and vision, without first being part of a culture of respect, kindness, community and professionalism. Respect is an important part of a healthy environment and having mutual respect acknowledges the value in each of us, and celebrates our achievements, abilities and qualities. Being valued and treated respectfully also promotes a positive work culture where we are fulfilled, dedicated, engaged and motivated to be our very best. I believe this exists at Benhaven.

To share a little bit about me. I started my career as a live-in staff person at a respite home in Massachusetts. There, I learned the importance of a reliable, supportive, and quality service system for families. Understanding that families need a service delivery system they can trust and rely on is critical to family well-being. Those early days in my career taught me how families value staff, developed rapport, and the worry and concern to leave their loved one in the care of others. It is this level of trust that I see here are Benhaven. A solid and strong commitment to the individuals and families you are all supporting. I am excited to be a part of this organization.


While I was a Case Manager at DDS, I worked with a number of students attending the Benhaven School when it was located in West Haven. It was my first experience with Benhaven, and when meeting with Larry Wood I saw the compassion and passion he had for the mission of Benhaven. It was at that time, I experienced and was impressed with the culture of the staff at Benhaven.


I am happy and excited to be here and working with all of you. Over the next few months, I will be out at all of the programs and services and look forward to meeting you.


I am eager to listen to you, and hear about the successes and challenges you face.

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