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Dr. Ross Greene Presents to Benhaven

On Thursday, March 16th, Dr. Ross Greene presented his method, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), to the employees of Benhaven School and Benhaven Academy on their joint Professional Development Day. Some staff from other areas joined as well.

Dr. Greene has written a number of books about supporting children in schools. His approach views students with concerning behaviors not as lacking motivation but lacking skills. There are several key themes:

  • Emphasis is on problems (and solving them) rather than on behaviors (and modifying them).
  • The problem solving is collaborative, not unilateral.
  • The problem solving is proactive, not reactive.
  • Kids do well if they can.
  • Doing well is preferable.

Dr. Greene’s website, has many resources for educators and families. This workshop was possible because of the generosity of our donors. We are so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Greene. Thank you, donors!

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