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CT Wants to Improve Police Understanding and Ability to Interact with Individuals who have Disabilities

Connecticut wants to improve police understanding and ability to interact with individuals who have disabilities.

We at Benhaven, know firsthand that individuals with ASD are often intimated and dealt with unfairly by police officers who are unaware of the best way to approach and interact with someone with ASD.

Public Act No. 19-90 established a task force to study police transparency and accountability. Daryl McGraw, chair of the task force, shared his personal experience. “I was in a fetal position and he tased me five times and laughed while I screamed. It would be wrong of me to sit here and not try and fix that stuff.”

We must collectively work together to remove all types of discrimination and undue bias.

If you want to share your thoughts or experiences with the subcommittee on Improving Police Interactions with the Disability Community, you can find out more by clicking here

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