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Bowling is Right Up their Alley!

On October 13th, 2023, the Benhaven IFS program kicked off its first Bowling Night of the year at Amity Bowling in Woodbridge, CT. In the accompanying photo, you can see Division Director Iceis Elliott, encircled by IFS Family Support Specialists, Direct Support Professionals and the individuals who receive support from IFS. This evening was a delightful blend of enjoyment, laughter, and peer-to-peer interactions. Parents dropped by to witness their family members having a great time and relished in the joy of observing their loved ones partake in an evening of amusement. Staff members joined in bowling rounds with the individuals, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and enthusiastic cheers.

 Whether it was strikes, gutter balls, or spares, the common thread among all participants was the shared experience of a night filled with fun!

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