Individual and Family Support

The Individual and Family Support program has grown immensely since starting in 1996, with our foundation and mission holding strong: helping families keep their children with disabilities at home. We look to help these individuals grow and gain skills that will allow them to be successful in the community and at home. Working for our program allows you to make a major positive impact on individuals and their families.

What we do is unique, with the majority of the work being in the community, allowing for opportunities that the individuals probably would not necessarily be able to experience. The community becomes our classroom. Most of our direct support staff work part-time afternoons and weekends. This makes for a great second job for people already working in the human services field. We offer flexibility in schedule, a competitive starting rate and do geographical matching so the job works for the families and for our staff. We also consider special interests you may have (such as sports or music) when matching a new staff to the individual we support. This often leads to an especially positive experience.

The IFS program is right for you if you are able to work independently, as you are with the individual on a one-on-one basis. You will also work alongside the families in their homes with the support of a Family Support Specialist, who will have plan already in place. This plan will have learning goals and is designed to promote positive behavior.

If utilizing and building on your strengths to help individuals improve their quality of life sounds like a great opportunity for you, please view our open positions below:

Mentor / Support Staff  
Work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder on building skills in the home/community.

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