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Family Testimonials

  • "My daughter has been receiving ABA services from Benhaven for almost 2 years. The journey of navigating autism and my daughter's needs have only been made easier and more successful because of the trained and knowledgeable team at Benhaven. My daughter has made leaps and bounds since starting her services. She has also been able to make a meaningful connection with her therapists. During the uncertainty of covid, our BCBA was able to be flexible and through virtual means was able to continue providing my daughter with quality services that have benefited her greatly. I have never received such great service and am so happy to have Benhaven as part of my daughter's team!  For anyone looking for ABA services, I would highly recommend reaching out to the Benhaven staff!" ~ GD's Mom

  • "On behalf of my family, I want acknowledge the hard work and dedicated service we’ve received from Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services. My son is a non-verbal,  seven-year-old with Autism and  severe  sensory and behavior issues/concerns. Our son has been a part of this program since he was three years old. Over the years Benhaven has educated us, given us  tools and techniques that have helped our son thrive.  I'm FOREVER truly grateful. My husband and I are tremendously honored to be a part of the Benhaven family!  Because of Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services our child a chance to be a happy and productive part of the New Haven community."

  • “Working with Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services has been life changing for my son.  The 1:1 ABA support that he receives in school via Benhaven CBS has been transformative and helped him develop the skills he needs to attend classes and learn alongside his peers.  The team at Benhaven CBS has partnered seamlessly with the school to address his behavioral concerns, while always seeing the best in him.  The Benhaven CBS team has been amongst his biggest cheerleaders, celebrating every success, while continuing to push him to his full potential.  We are so grateful for their support." ~ CBS Parent

  • “My daughter received her diagnosis at an early age. As we have learned early intervention is key.  Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services paired her with an amazing RBT and BCBA. CBS provides quality professional services. They take their ethical obligations seriously and are very family centered.   As a result, at age 12, my daughter  is thriving socially,  creatively  and academically. Thank you Benhaven Children’s Behavioral Services. We wouldn't have come this far without you!”

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