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SPARK Autism Research Study

The study is conducted in part by Roger Jou MD, PhD, MPH, Abha Gupta, MD, PhD, and Yale University and is sponsored by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI). We wanted to share this information with you about the study and the opportunity to participate in SPARK. 

  • SPARK is the world’s largest autism research community, with a goal of recruiting 50,000 families to participate. 
  • The study is conducted online ( and individuals and families with an autism diagnosis who live in the United States can register. 
  • Participants will be asked to share information about their medical and family history, as well as to provide a saliva sample for genetic analyses to help speed up research and advance our understanding of autism. SPARK is analyzing DNA to improve our understanding of the roles that genes play in the development of autism. Information from this study is securely stored and only shared with approved researchers. 
  • SPARK will provide gift cards for saliva samples in the amount of up to $50, and will provide additional incentives for the completion of online questionnaires. 
  • Yale University under Dr. Jou’s and Dr. Gupta’s supervision, is one of over 25 SPARK clinical sites across the country. 
  • Participants also have the opportunity to participate in other research studies through SPARK research match if you choose to share your information with the researchers. 

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