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Information Regarding Husky C Medicad Program in CT

Dear Friends of the Arc CT:

Please help us share the information below about the Husky C Medicaid Program in CT.  It is for people who are disabled, or 65 or older, who have low income. It is the most difficult CT Medicaid program to qualify for but the Center for Disability Rights in Connecticut wants to help. Did you know:

Medicare does not cover other kinds of healthcare covered by HUSKY C.

  • HUSKY C covers home care services, vision and dental care, hearing aids, medical transportation and more.

The income limit for HUSKY C is just $1062/month. This is very low.

Many elderly or disabled people have too much income for HUSKY C.

  • They can sometimes qualify by “spending down” to the low HUSKY C limits every six months.
  • They can do this by getting billed for medical services that are not covered by any other insurance program. But this might not work, since they have other costs of living including rent, and cannot afford to cover these bills on their own.

The asset limits for HUSKY C are just $1600/$2400 (single/couple). This is very low.

  • These asset limits sometimes make it impossible for elderly/disabled people get on HUSKY C or to stay on it and save money for emergencies (car repairs, a security deposit for a new apartment, etc.)

Have you been told by DSS that you have a Medicaid “spend down”? Are you unable to meet that spend down amount to qualify for HUSKY C?

Are you unable to qualify for HUSKY C because of having assets above these limits? Have you been unable to build your savings in order to get on or stay on HUSKY C?

If you:

1. Are 65 or over, or disabled under the Social Security Administration definition

2. Need Medicaid but are over the income or asset limits for HUSKY C, and

3. Believe these limits are too low and want to do something about it.....

Please contact: Marc Anthony Gallucci at the Center for Disability Rights, at

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