Direct Support Professional Month

In honor of Direct Support Professional Month, Benhaven Residence celebrates the many efforts made by our incredible employees, and the wonderful outcomes for the Residents.  This year:

Per long standing practice, supporters helped residents participate in special events and vacations with their families, in most cases utilizing some of their own time, This year included:

  • A 5 day trip to a family’s Virginia home                                

  • Two family weddings in New York                                             

  • A week-long vacation to Disney World

  • A family member’s fund raising event

  • A family reunion

Supporters go above and beyond to meet people's special interests and needs. Some examples from this year:
  • Coming in early to help a resident with a lot of energy go for early morning hikes
  • Donating clothing, shoes, Ipads, other items, and money, for those who do not have resources
  • Taking someone on a much needed week long vacation in Vermont
  • Persisting to help someone be successful at horseback riding
  • Planning special events for days off school and work, such as the zoo and trampoline park
  • Bringing residents to family homes or their own homes to celebrate holidays
  • Planning and providing the right support so residents could successfully attend and enjoy the Benhaven Gala
  • Arranging access to animals when it is important to a person
  • Showing commitment and dedication to ongoing activities like yoga class and YMCA
  • Taking residents to favorite but tricky places, including concerts, museums and sporting events
  • Helping residents succeed at their work and volunteer jobs

Supporters work hard every day to help residents through difficult periods, helping people communicate, utilizing strategies and humor, and having fun. 

 Staff have taken initiative to start and implement projects such as:

  • Revising a house sign language dictionary- over 375 words are now in the book!

  • Creating special cultural events - Colombian night, Jamaican night, and bringing in Hula dancers

  • Suggesting and creating a sensory room with bean bag chairs, music and galaxy lights

  • Encouraging residents to try new things - Indian and Ethiopian food, differing cultural activities, and finding new favorites!

Supporters are continuously helping residents be more independent, preparing their own snacks and drinks, planning their days, making big and small choices, engaging with favorite leisure, etc, in addition to all the formal goals.

Residential supporters are extraordinary in their willingness to re-arrange their own personal time to make important things happen for the residents, ranging from medical appointments to favorite events to special occasions.

For all of this and more, we THANK YOU!



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