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Instructional Assistant - $20.00 per hour/Full-time

Job description

Benhaven Academy offers an individualized school program focused on academic, communication, social and vocational instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders, pervasive developmental disabilities, and other related difficulties. The underlying focus of the program is to foster resilience and expand areas of competence. Instructional Assistants are vital to Benhaven's mission as they provide care, support, education, and guidance to students

This position involves working under the supervision of a special education teacher providing academic support to students with an autism spectrum disorder, but who are not severely intellectually impaired. This position requires an enthusiasm for teaching inquisitive students that learn differently. Applicants must display a positive attitude, caring, and a willingness to learn.

If you have limited experience, please still consider applying. We provide a vast amount of training.

Benhaven employees are subject to its Policy and Procedures On Vaccinations Against COVID-19 and must comply as a condition of being hired.

A teacher's perspective on what is it like to teach at Benhaven Academy?

Benhaven prioritizes and invests in unparalleled professional development, so you can improve your craft and grow at every stage of your career. With access to resources and support from colleagues, you're never alone.

In the classroom, your creativity is encouraged and embraced. Deliver academic instruction and character development in a way that excites your students and meets their unique needs. We believe every student will learn if given the opportunity.

It's more than a job. We're here to work hard. Be nice. And, never stop learning.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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