Vocational Training


A major purpose for the student’s education is to prepare for life as an adult 

Benhaven strives to provide each student with a variety of vocational experiences so that upon leaving Benhaven, we can recommend what tasks and environments are likely to be successful and what kinds of support will be necessary. The Vocational Summary prepared for each student documents this vocational history and identifies his/her vocational strengths, preferences, support needs, etc.

While students learn important vocational skills in a number of different ways within the school building, whenever possible, placement at a community site is sought. Vocational experiences in the community are selected for individual students based on a good match between the skills, preferences/interests and needs of the student and the physical site and employer’s requirements. 


                                                          There are a number of benefits from these opportunities:


Workplaces can be environments that offer opportunities for various types of new learning, such as work skills, social skills, and practical life skills.

  • Generalizing skills in new environments with new people
  • A predictable routine
  • Opportunities for being engaged in preferred and/or meaningful work activities in natural settings that are often supportive and comfortable.
  • Spending time and possibly developing relationships with non-disabled co-workers.

Becoming part of a workplace culture that, in addition to getting the work done, may also enrich the environment with such social events as birthday celebrations and occasional or regular special lunches together. Being successful in a job can be a very nice way to earn respect from one’s family and community.










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