Here’s what families say about their experience at Benhaven School:

  • "My son was eventually placed [at Benhaven] and even though at first it presented to be a challenge for him, it was not long after that he showed improvement both behaviorally and educationally. He became more confident. He developed friendships and more interest in learning because his program is based upon his style of learning...With the team meeting, I feel I have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of his education. I think this is the best school for my son where he is given every opportunity to grow and reach his full potential with professional and very caring staff and a program that is based on his individual needs."
  • "The amount of communication with the staff is amazing...Team meetings...are also a wonderful way for us to keep tabs on [his] progress, concerns and future goals. We always leave the meetings feeling so relieved that [he] is in such excellent and caring hands. The therapists and teachers...are always coming up with new ways and adaptations to help him achieve new goals...The vocational department is also a huge asset in [his] life...We would never have imagined a year ago that [he] would...have an official job! Most of all, we are so grateful for the patience and compassion shown to [him] each day...Their dedication and love for their job is evident in their work and their smiles!"
  • “In the very complicated world of a family with a child and emerging adult with extreme special needs, Benhaven has become an oasis. After years of programs that ultimately did not meet the needs of my son and endless excuses about how [he] was 'not a good fit' for their programs, your school did not start with your program; rather Benhaven began with [my son] and what [he] needs...Each individual has demonstrated a remarkably specific understanding of my son, whose needs are tremendously complicated...In short, my family's relationship with the Benhaven School has been a lifeline. Without the connection with you and your staff, I do not know how we could have sustained a quality of life for my son or my family."

Feedback from school districts:                                                                       

  • "Benhaven School has worked very successfully with some of our most difficult students. The entire staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. The staff works in a productive and effective manner to develop programs and behavior plans to suit the needs of the individual student."
  • "They are professionals with high moral standards who care about every student in their program...The Benhaven staff have a great understanding of the skills being taught, student learning and how to promote independence. Our students enjoy going to school, are taught life-long skills in the classroom and the community...It is very helpful as director to be in constant communication with all of our programs and the Benhaven staff excel at this...The Benhaven program has our complete confidence that they are educating our students to their fullest potential."

Commendations from the CT State Department of Education’s letter of approval:

  • Benhaven's 12-month program creates a unique challenge in maintaining qualified and experienced staff, a challenge that Benhaven has successfully addressed...Professional and paraprofessional staff are well-trained and experienced working with students...within their setting.
  • The staff demonstrates a strong commitment to the well-being of each student.
  • Benhaven provides excellent transition and community teaching opportunities for all students, which include both on-site and community-based experiences. Each class...has an assigned vehicle and appropriately licensed driver...for implementation of the curriculum in the community.
  • Detailed behavior intervention plans are developed for each student and are consistently assessed and re-evaluated...
  • Effective utilization of both low- and high-tech devices and accomodations was noted. Classroom design and room details are well thought out with the unique and challenging needs of the population in mind.

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