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Teachers & Professional Staff

Our positive approach to learning and addressing challenging behavior relies on the team process. Teachers work with the team to develop an IEP that is grounded in the Connecticut State Standards and meets the student’s needs. Educational plans have a mix of academics, daily living skills, self-help, vocational training and community skills. Our physical education, communication and occupational therapy departments work with the teachers and augment the students’ IEPs. We have a strong belief in teaching meaningful skills in natural environments. Teachers manage both the school-based and community-based schedules for their classrooms. Each classroom has a school van with driver. This enables students to have opportunities for truly individualized programming. 

Paraprofessional Staff

Benhaven School’s paraprofessionals are key members of the team. Our job structure allows paraprofessionals to achieve higher levels of responsibility accompanied by increases in pay. Our staff are self-motivated and excel in these positions. They are offered and expected to participate in many on-going training opportunities. Each staff member is guided and supported by a supervisor who works with the employee to help him/her grow professionally. This model has produced many skilled employees who are making a career out of their work at Benhaven School.

Here’s what employees have to say about working at the school:

  • “I learned a lot about autism. I thought I knew about it but I really had no clue...I love working here. It has literally changed my life. The work we do here made me want to be a special education teacher.”
    - Special Education Teacher, employed 4 years
  • “Benhaven School is reliably innovative in its approach...and is governed by a strong, purposeful mission.”
    - Educational Assistant, level 3, employed 25 years
  • “Everyone enjoys being promoted, and I...felt like I really accomplished a goal...Being able to work with students and I feel change their lives in a way is just so rewarding.”
    - Classroom Coordinator, level 3, employed 7 years
  • “It’s wonderful to work in a school that is so person-centered with positive approaches – such caring people!”
    - Special Education Teacher, employed 21 years
  • “Seeing the students improve over time is by far the greatest gift. There’s also a sense of caring between staff that I haven’t experienced at any other job...I’ve never before felt so appreciated by fellow employees. Staff are so encouraging and positive.”
    - Specialist, employed 7 years
  • “In all my work experiences (including other teaching experiences) I have never felt so positively about ‘work.’ Benhaven provides the opportunity to impact others’ lives as well as work on a team.”
    - Physical Education Teacher, employed 3 years

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