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Founded in 1967 by Amy Lettick as a school for children with autism, Benhaven has grown into a multi-faceted agency serving people of all ages and with diverse needs. A private, not-for-profit agency located in south central Connecticut, Benhaven currently has four main program areas: Benhaven School, Benhaven Residential Services, the Benhaven Learning Network, and Benhaven’s Individual and Family Support program.

Benhaven School

An evolved version of the original school, Benhaven School is located in Wallingford and serves approximately 40 students. The school was developed for and continues to serve students who have many of the problems associated with autism. The students are also intellectually disabled and tend to have complex learning and support needs in the areas of communication and social skills, as well as difficult behavioral issues. The school provides a high staff-to-student ratio, a twelve-month school calendar, and is equipped to help the students learn important skills. The school utilizes positive approaches to learning those skills that will be essential as they become adults. Instruction occurs in the school building as well as in community environments.

Benhaven Learning Network

Benhaven Learning Network consists of a Consultative Group, Benhaven Academy and Benhaven Transition ServicesThe Consultative Group is comprised of BCBAs and educational professionals who provide expertise statewide to local school systems to improve their capabilities for educating students with autism.  Benhaven Academy provides educational support to students who may be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (formerly Asperger’s), a nonverbal learning disability, a social pragmatic communication disorder, anxiety, and other related impairments, aged 5-21. Programs for students are individually developed using a collaborative, person-centered approach to learning and enrichment. Each program focuses on the development of deficit skill areas including social, communication, coping, organizational skills and self-esteem. Benhaven Transition Services address the needs of students to prepare them for real-world, real-life experiences.  Support services are provided for college classes, the community, place of employment, and home setting based on the needs of the individual.

Benhaven Residential Services

Benhaven Residential Services began in 1972 with one group home. Benhaven currently has eight group homes consisting of six for adults and two for students. The student residents attend Benhaven School or possibly another school. The adult residents have a 24-hour wrap-around program with their day services and supports provided by the home. The residents of these homes all have significant support needs. Student residents of the homes must transition to a long-term adult placement by age 21.

Benhaven also has an alternative living model to group home living – the Shared Living program, started in 1989. Benhaven recruits families, couples, and even single individuals who are paid a stipend and offered considerable support to have a person – child, adolescent, or adult – live with them in their home. When the match between the person and the provider family is a good one, this is often preferable to group living arrangements.

Benhaven’s Individual and Family Support Program

Benhaven’s Individual and Family Support Program was started in 1996. This group provides direct support to children, adolescents and adults with significant disabilities, usually autism, who live at home. Much of the support is focused on learning, both in the home and in the community; helping to manage problem behavior is an additional priority. Support is also provided to families to help home-life become easier to manage.

Benhaven’s Children’s Behavioral Services 

Children’s Behavioral Services (CBS) is the newest program at Benhaven. Initiated in May 2017, the program provides home and community based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Assessment and ongoing therapy for children with a diagnosis of Autism.  All services are overseen by Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts and are implemented by behavior technicians.  Programming is crafted to meet the needs of each individual family and child, with focus on building family capacity and independence for the child with Autism.  Funding sources include Medicaid (Husky A) as well as qualifying insurers such as Anthem, Aetna, and Cigna.


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